Quotes from Women incarcerated at SCCW

“When I went to prison I thought my life was over. The chaplain helped me to understand my new life had just begun.”

“The chapel was the one place I could go to cry, and sometimes I just need to cry a lot.”

“The chaplain was able to see and hear what I did not want to. Listening to her may have saved my life.”

“Going to prison and being a mother is so difficult. Talking to the chaplains helped. With their help, I left prison with plans to become a better mom.”

“Both chaplains helped me become comfortable with my very own spiritual journey.”

“Amazing things happen when women start to visit the chapel. They smile more, family relationships improve, and we become more willing to treat others and ourselves with love and gentleness.”

The Chaplains prepare the prison ground for the annual observation of the American Indian Green Corn Festival where inmate participants spend time giving thanks to the Creator for the good gifts of the earth.